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America is a nation of the sea and our waterborne commerce has been a critical part of ensuring the economic and national security of our country for over two hundred years. Since the founding of the republic, the United States has depended on its U.S.-Flag merchant marine and maritime industry for its growth, success and security. In today?s uncertain world, it is critical that we have the ships and jobs needed to sustain our maritime industry. Now, more than ever before, we need our merchant marine.

The American Maritime Congress is a research and educational organization dedicated to informing the public, the media and our legislators in Washington on the issues and policy affecting the U.S.-Flag merchant marine and maritime industry. For thirty years, AMC has been bringing its message of ships and jobs to our nation?s capital. Whether it?s our ships sailing internationally, or our Jones Act domestic fleet, AMC is a leading advocate for responsible maritime policy, an effective commercially operating fleet for our national and economic security, and a level playing field to ensure the success and continued viability of a U.S.-Flag maritime industry.

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